Your arms + their experience = distant HVAC restore! – Purple Deer Advocate

Call 403-318-2817 to connect with a MyTechChat technician who can help diagnose and repair heating, cooling, and ventilation problems over the phone.

Your hands + their expertise = remote HVAC repair!

Contact an expert for personal help diagnosing and repairing your heating, cooling or ventilation

Kevin Tonery had an oven problem. The even bigger problem was that the furnace was in an outbuilding about four hours from the nearest HVAC repair technician. It costs hundreds of dollars just to take a service company to such a remote location, and it costs even more when the technician has to drive back into town to get parts. So Kevin called My Tech Chat instead.

The Red Deer-based company uses video chat to diagnose heating, cooling, and ventilation problems and can even walk customers through a repair. Kevin resumed the heat with the help of a My Tech Chat technician, saving him time and money.

“I’ve run a traditional HVAC service, Comfortable Climate Solutions, for years. And when I’m at work, I often fix other little things that a property manager or homeowner needs help with, ”said Jamie Harvey, founder of My Tech Chat. “I also spent a lot of time helping other technicians and homeowners over the phone so I knew a remote technician service could work.”

Something as simple as snow covering your boiler exhaust can cost nearly two hundred dollars, but My Tech Chat can solve your problem in less time, with less money, and much less worry.

How it works

  1. Call 403-318-2817 to connect with a technician. The service is available 24 hours a day, seven days a week. You can also make an appointment online at
  2. Talk to an Expert. There are two on-call HVAC specialists available in my tech chat, plus a master electrician and a plumber.
  3. Diagnose the problem over the phone. My tech chat will send you a link to a video conference or you can collaborate over the phone and text. “Often times I will take a screenshot of what you see on Zoom, circle the problem and write it back to you,” says Jamie.
  4. Repair it yourself or get the experts. It costs only $ 50 to diagnose a problem with My Tech Chat, and your technician can guide you through repairs too. Not feeling comfortable fixing the problem? My tech chat connects you with a qualified technician who can do the job – and it costs less because they bring the right parts for the job.
  5. No solution, no fee. If My Tech Chat cannot diagnose your problem over the phone, the call will not be charged. If your contractor says the My Tech Chat diagnosis was incorrect, you will receive a refund. “I’m not hiding anything up my sleeve – what you see is what you get. I’ve seen so many people getting ripped off and I’m just trying to help people, ”says Jamie.

My tech chat is based on Red Deer, but the service area is practically unlimited! Call 403-318-2817 to see if they can help.

“I hope this really helps other small businesses and homeowners. If we can help reduce their overhead, all the money can go back to the community, ”says Jamie.

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