Restore firm says it is owed 1000’s; businessman affords to settle

BATON ROUGE – A man says he owes thousands of dollars to a well-known businessman.

Danny Tutt runs an air conditioning and heating repair company and says he missed paying for jobs he did months ago. Regarding the outstanding bills, Tutt says he owes about $ 5,700.

In early 2019, Tutt said he had been contacted by Greg Owens and his team for some work. According to Tutt, the work included repairs to heating and air conditioning systems, as well as replacing equipment that needs to be replaced in the Baton Rouge area. As far as he was told, it was Greg Owens-managed property.

“As far as the secretary told me, yes,” said Tutt. “Owens Collision, the real name is Glo Investments.”

As of 2019, Tutt has worked for her about $ 40,000 on “30 or 40 different jobs.” Of this, Tutt says he received about $ 32,000. Then, a few months ago, he stopped getting jobs.

“They just stopped reaching for new calls altogether and stopped answering when I asked to be paid for the outstanding things,” he said.

Tutt informs 2 On Your Side that it has a handful of outstanding invoices totaling $ 5,673.50. Tutt says he corresponded with Owen’s secretary primarily via text messages. These texts include how he was assigned a job and how often Tutt inquired about his outstanding payments.

“Always put off and tell me the lady who signs the checks was out of the office that day … That was six months when she was out of the office that day,” he said.

Tutt reached out to 2 On Your Side in January. In February, Tutt was sent a text message that the company would be satisfied with $ 3,500. The whole experience surprised Tutt.

“I felt very comfortable with them because they were with me personally. It changed so quickly that it caught me off guard,” he said.

Last week, Tutt said he received another text message from the secretary saying he would receive a check in the mail for $ 4,832. Greg Owens’ attorney says they’ll pay for the repairs and offer a settlement. Tutt hasn’t received the check yet.

In 2018, Louisiana Attorney General Jeff Landry filed a lawsuit against Owens on the grounds that his practices and advertising were dishonest. Soon after, Owens Collision filed for bankruptcy. The company’s name was changed to AllStar Collision Max and is now called Rocket Collision and Service.

The last filing in Owens’ case with the state was a ruling for documents in November 2020.