Local HVAC companies feeling the impact of global supply chain problems

(ST. JOSEPH, Mo.) The global supply chain problem continues to affect the United States and local HVAC companies in St. Joseph are feeling the impacts of it too.

Jay Wolf owns an hvac company here in town and has had to make changes to his prices because of this on-going problem.

“I always have to get back with them, because I always have to first call and make sure that I can even get what I’m looking for and get a price. Prices seem to be always fluctuating and if you can’t find what you want and have to substitute it for something, prices can change dramatically,” Wolf said.

He’s not alone in his 2021 troubles; even suppliers are having issues getting what they need because of an overall shortage of common items that are needed.

“Yeah a lot of small parts, having a lot of problems with small parts; thermostats, pressure switches, flex duct, that’s a commonly used item. Floor boots, stuff along those lines. Just an overall shortage,” Wolf said.

Bart Armstrong has also been impacted. Costs for equipment have gone up drastically for him and he’s noticed big changes in prices for sheet metal.

“Equipment wise, I think it’s gone up over 25 percent. And sheet metal, for instance, a 26 gauge 3-by-8 used to be about 11 or 12 dollars. Now they’re about 46 or 47 dollars,” Armstrong said.

As this problem continues, there are fears the colder weather will create even bigger issues.

“What I hope to see is that in the future, come January and February, that it’s not negative 10 degrees out and I’ve got people losing inducer motors or control boards that we can’t find or can’t get. That’s my biggest concern,” Wolf said.

If you notice something odd about your unit, Armstrong says not to wait until your furnace stops working. Stay on top of it, change your filters and make sure to get preventative maintenance done.