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FORT LAUDERDALE, FLA. (WSVN) – Skyrocketing gas prices across the country could go up even more before drivers see any relief, but a South Florida auto repair shop owner said there are simple steps one can take to save money on fuel.

Ben Levy, who owns Wales Garage in Fort Lauderdale, spoke with 7News about what works and what doesn’t.

The first thing Levy did was shut down myths about things believed to save fuel, like drive around with no air conditioning.

“That’s a complete and total myth about AC being off and saving fuel,” he said.

Putting a car in neutral when stopped is also no use.

“Does not help the car in any way, shape or fashion,” he said. It just gets you honked at or yelled at a lot quicker because you’re more than likely going fall asleep or start playing with your cellphone at the traffic light.”

Additives won’t do enough to actually help, either.

As to what will actually help, Levy said, drivers ought to begin by keeping the proper amount of air in their tires.

“The less air in the tires, the harder it is for the car to work,” he said.

Regular oil changes are also a big help.

“Maintenance is huge on every car. Clean oil, clean filters, which is air filters and oil filters, create less stress on the motor,” he said. “It runs smoother and burns less fuel.”

But the best thing drivers can do in order to burn less gas is slow down.

“The difference between 65 mph and 80 mph on a highway doesn’t save you a whole lot of time unless you’re going hundreds of miles, but it burns a ton more fuel,” he said.

As for what his favorite car is at the moment, Levy said it’s his Toyota Prius, but even a hybrid that’s driven poorly yields bad gas mileage.

Levy had one more tip: an empty trunk. Contents that drivers are lugging around are extra weight.

“Added weight is more work for the car to move,” he said.

Levy also recommends downloading the Getupside app. It gives cash back when users upload receipts.

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