February Is… Air Conditioning Time!

It’s February, the coldest month of the year in North Texas. So it’s time to talk about… air conditioning? You bet! 

Don’t get us wrong. We remember all too well the frozen nightmare of last February and its sub-zero temperatures. Power plants literally froze up and city water systems ran dry. 

Overnight, plumbers throughout Texas were booked months in advance just to repair all the freeze damage. 

We don’t know if such extreme temperature swings may be the new normal, but we do know we will have more cold weather. Here’s what you need to know to winterize your home’s plumbing and heating systems now. 

 Lock In Last Year’s Sale Prices On New HVAC Systems

You may be wondering that with more cold weather in the immediate future, what’s the rush about air conditioning? We have news about new AC system pricing that you need to know about now. 

The prices of just about everything – including HVAC equipment – go up every year. When manufacturers increase wholesale prices, local retailers also must raise prices. But we have an important exception on new HVAC systems for people who act now. 

BillyGO was able to secure a substantial inventory of 2021 Trane HVAC equipment last year, which will not be affected by 2022 price increases. In fact, you can buy it at last year’s sale prices! 

If you’ve been thinking at all about replacing an older central AC and heating system, we urge you to take advantage of this limited-time offer. Prices shown include installation and all parts.

  • 18 SEER Trane units as low as $118 per month or $10,995 cash
  • 16 SEER Trane units as low as $105 per month or $8,995 cash
  • 14 SEER Trane units as low as $93 per month or $7,995 cash

SEER stands for Seasonal Energy Efficiency Rating. The higher the SEER number, the higher the efficiency of the AC equipment and the lower your energy bills.

If your system is 8-10 years old, or if it has not been maintained annually, it may be performing at only a fraction of its original SEER rating. Lower utility bills and no repair costs on new equipment well into the future can more than offset your investment, and you will be AC worry-free this summer.

Compare And See 

When we say complete system, that includes more than meets the eye. Each billyGO central HVAC system installation includes:

  • City permit and inspection 
  • Metal plenums 
  • Drain pan
  • Drain safety shut off
  • Damper controlled air flow 
  • Hung with cable 
  • Air-tight seal 
  • Thermostat
  • New slab electrical whip 
  • Outside disconnect box 
  • 4-inch filter cabinet and filter

The prices shown above apply to 2021 equipment in our warehouse now. If you miss this offer and replace later, you will pay thousands more.   

We also have some pretty incredible financing options that could allow you to delay payments until next summer. Check out our attractive financing options now.

2022 HVAC Equipment Price Increases

Most manufacturers raised prices on new equipment, parts and supplies by 8-13% effective Jan. 1, 2022. Here’s why.

Shortages In Raw Materials And Computer Chips

For a number of reasons, raw materials and components used in manufacturing HVAC equipment are in short supply, which means higher prices. 

  • Steel – HVAC systems are made mostly of steel, including cabinets, drain pans, plenums, motor casings, strapping and other parts. High demand for other manufactured goods, including cars and appliances, has driven steel prices up. Also, tariffs on foreign steel add to the price. 
  • Copper – Air conditioning refrigerant travels in a continuous loop of copper tubing in condensers and compressors and between them during the cooling process. Fan and compressor motors use copper wiring, as do electrical circuits and controls.  
  • Aluminum – AC evaporator coils and the condensing units are made almost entirely of aluminum, as are some fan blades.
  • Computer chips – The worldwide shortage of specialty computer chips has hit the automobile and appliance industries hard, but it is having a big impact on HVAC equipment and parts, as well. HVAC systems use sensors to control temperatures and humidity. 
  • Lumber – HVAC manufacturers ship units on wooden pallets, and installations in homes and businesses require some carpentry to position and support the cabinets and ductwork. 

Logistics Problems 

We have heard for months about the ongoing global supply chain problems. Cargo container ships lie at anchor offshore until short-handed dock workers and long-haul truck drivers can take cargo to local markets. A lot of AC equipment, components, parts and materials are on those ships. 

Truck and rail shipping prices have increased, including the cost of gasoline and diesel fuel for trains and trucks. This also adds to costs of all manufactured goods. 

The Great Resignation And COVID-19

Business closures due to COVID-19 over the past two years – some temporary, some permanent – have resulted in a chain reaction that continues to rock the global workforce. Millions of laid off workers quit their old jobs to look for different or better ones in what is called the Great Resignation. 

Many employers have raised wages well beyond former levels so they can attract the workers they need. Higher wages have stimulated buying, but also increased the cost of goods and services. 

Schedule Now

Rising prices for consumer goods will continue, but you can avoid that for new HVAC systems – and get last year’s sale prices if you act now. 

As always, whether you need a new HVAC system installation or any plumbing service, with billyGO you schedule your own appointment. No more waiting around for half a day or more for a technician to show up.

So, what are you waiting for?