Airbnb host charges for air conditioning as energy prices soar throughout Europe

(TikTok / @papiwhiterice)

An Airbnb host charged a guest for air conditioning, and the internet thinks they deserve an instant one-star review.

In a TikTok that now has over 300,000 views, user @papiwhiterice filmed a video of the air conditioning unit inside the property they were renting from Airbnb. The unit appears to be controlled from a coin-operated lockbox. The TikToker wrote, “When your Airbnb host charges you for air.”

The thermostat featured in the video is made by a brand located in Spain. According to its website, the company designs technology to help stop climate change. Its coin timer system is the latest technology produced in an effort to save energy. Energy prices have been spiking throughout Europe, leaving people struggling to make ends meet and some even protesting electricity price hikes in Turkey.

However, TikTok users criticized both the Airbnb host and the home-sharing company for allowing the use of a coin-operated air conditioning system. “If a host is seriously going to be that stingy, they shouldn’t be renting their house out,” said @4nierr. “Instant 1 star review,” said @josef3321. “It’s cheaper to get a nice hotel than an Airbnb,” said @cody__z.

Some users understood the host’s need to charge for air conditioning due to Spain’s high energy prices. According to the BBC, a surge in demand for energy as countries emerged from the Covid-19 pandemic has not been matched by supply, sending prices in Spain soaring. “After reading about the energy situation in Spain I think this doesn’t sound completely crazy,” said @allthefurrydogs. “Yeah, it’s called electricity and it’s really expensive,” said @the_truth_hurts2020. “The air is free, cooling it isn’t.”