City approves $28,500 to repair police station | News for Fenton, Linden, Holly MI

 Fenton City Council approved urgent masonry repair to the west elevation wall of the Fenton Police Department building during its meeting Monday, Oct. 25.

 Some replacement roofing work was done this past spring on the police station.

 Certain rain events, however, continue to cause water leak problems in the dispatch and administrative office areas. Wall penetrations for air conditioner

condenser lines were resealed as a potential source and surface sealer was applied to the brick above the roof flashing.

 Dan Brisson, public works director, wrote in an Oct. 21 memo to City Manager Lynn Markland that neither solution has proven to completely solve the leak problem.

 As a masonry company specializing in restoration and problem solving for older brick walls, the Garland Company coordinated an on-site meeting with POE Restoration and Waterproofing of Oak Park, which performed coring at three locations of the brick wall above the rubber membrane roof attachment to inspect conditions on the backside of the brick wall. The lack of a through-wall flashing detail and no weep holes for drainage have been determined to be a source of water infiltration.

 The recommended solution is removal of brick courses over the rubber membrane to install a flashing detail with proper relief weep holes for drainage. Other work will include replacing up to 20 bricks on the western wall that are significantly cracked.

 Because of the urgency, POE has committed to starting the work right away and completing the job in approximately three weeks.

 City council approved the work at a cost of $28,500.