More options for car repair and maintenance

Vehicle owners stand to benefit from the increasing number of car repair and maintenance shops in Doha, giving them more options for various services at reasonable rates, it is learnt.

A supervisor of a car repair shop at Salwa Road told Gulf Times that besides offering promotions and discounts, they also ensure their services meet customers’ expectations.
“Business competition is very high but I think people will always consider the quality of service that a shop offers even if the charges are a little higher than other competitors,” he said, adding that having a team of highly skilled mechanics and staff is also a key to attract more customers.

Vehicles being checked at a car repair centre

About the growing number of car repair shops, he said that the crackdown of the Ministry of Commerce and Industry (MoCI) and the Ministry of Interior (MoI), on car repair workshops operating without a commercial licence (from houses) may have encouraged others to open a legitimate shop.
It is learnt that a number of individuals have illegally put up repair and maintenance shops at their homes and compounds without adhering to safety protocols, and “public and private rules”.
An employee of another shop echoed similar view noting that such campaign of MoCI and MoI “significantly helped level the playing field”, and further protects customers’ rights.
He said customers can be assured of high-quality services at these legitimate vehicle repair centres since MoCI and MoI have intensified their campaigns to crackdown on violators of the consumer protection law.
“It is always advisable to take your vehicle to a legitimate shop to avoid any major issues, whether it is about fixing the car’s AC (air-conditioning), paint, electrical or engine. Besides, these shops which operate without licence permits can’t give their customers any warranty,” he said.
Tthe growing number of tyre centres also help customers to get the best possible offers suited for their needs.
An Asian expatriate said he used to spend a lot on new tyres, tyre repairs, and other kinds of services such as alignment and balancing until new shops opened in the same area giving him more choices at reasonable rates.