Carlcare initiates doorstep air conditioner restore companies in India, Enterprise Information

NOIDA, India, March 2, 2021 (GLOBE NEWSWIRE) – Carlcare is committed to improving lives, homes and jobs across India, providing doorstep repair and maintenance services for air conditioners in India.

In the initial phase, the brand will supply around 60 Indian cities with its comprehensive range of AC repair services, which will range from normal inspection and installation / dismantling to filling with gas and changing the cooling coils. This new line of services is sure to benefit tons of AC users who need professional and affordable air conditioning repair services that Carlcare is known to offer.

Why should you choose Carlcare for your AC repair and maintenance?

Carlcare, known for its customer-first approach and its serious services, has secured an appropriate place for itself in the segment of mobile repairs. When you enter the AC repair market, you can expect more reliable, higher quality air conditioning repair services from Carlcare.

Experienced technicians

Carlcare has a team of qualified and trained technicians with sound experience and knowledge of the major AC types and brands. This makes them the best choice for you when you need professional repairs and services for your AC.

30 day service guarantee for the repair of AC power

In addition to the high level of professionalism and authenticity, Carlcare offers you a 30-day guarantee after the installation or repair of your AC. This certainly gives customers the certainty and hope that they will receive continuous support from Carlcare.

Fast customer support

Finally, Carlcare is confirmed to provide adequate and reliable customer support to its customers both online and offline.

How do I order the Carlcare AC Repair Service in India?

Customers can simply call the Carlcare hotline number (18004190525) or book an AC repair service on their doorstep here.

About Carlcare

Over the past seven years, Carlcare has put a smile on the faces of over 100 million customers around the world and provided them with high quality customer support and repair services in the mobile repair segment. Carlcare is the exclusive authorized after-sales service provider for TECNO, Infinix, itel and other companies such as Syinix, Sun King and Oraimo. With its professional affordable services and special discounts, Carlcare offers a variety of AC services including full maintenance, installation and removal, and gas refilling. Replacement of cleaning and cooling coils; and other AC maintenance.

Media contact
David Liu
Product marketing manager for Carlcare