HVAC technicians slammed with countless calls to restore A/C throughout heatwave

GREENVILLE, NC (WITN) – With the great heat wave hit Eastern Carolina and other parts of the country, people want to make sure their air conditioners are working properly.

Many people call companies to fix these air conditioners and say the calls are endless. “We got struck,” explained an HVAC technician, Mike Weinberg.

He said it started when everyone stayed home because of COVID-19. “Since everyone is at home, we always have an appointment to go … everyone notices that their systems have failed or are available for maintenance.”

It is not only at home that people deal with broken cooling systems, but also in their cars.

“We have about five to six customers a day who have air conditioning problems,” said Colby Pugh, an auto repair manager. “It’s 95 degrees a day, it’s really hard on the air conditioner.”

Weinberg suggests that people check their units ahead of time before having a problem with this heat.

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