Biossance Squalane + Omega Repair Cream Review

From her Elle Woods days to Elena Richardson in Little Fires Everywhere, Reese Witherspoon always had famed glowing skin – a benefit she claims was due to her rigorous skin care regimen.

Of course, the world wants to get into the actor’s skin secrets – and luckily the Legally Blonde star doesn’t keep them under wraps.

Aside from getting a lot of sleep and living by her mother’s favorite beauty session (“the more blush, the better”), there are a handful of products that Reese, 45, attributes to her youthful complexion, such as this Facial cleansing that she uses when repetitive (that would be Cetaphils Gentle Skin Cleanser).

Now Reese has revealed the moisturizer she uses on her dry skin every day. The cream in question? Squalan + Omega Repair Cream from Biossance.

Despite holding the position of global ambassador for the U.S. beauty brand, Reese’s discovery of Biossance was an entirely organic discovery. “Last year I was looking for skin care alternatives because I use so much and I’d heard how many ingredients can affect your skin … I went to Sephora and bought Biossance and was blown away,” she told WH their journey to using the brand.

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And while the vitamin C rose oil and eye cream are heavily represented in their skincare lineup, it’s the Squalane + Omega Repair Cream that Reese says she can’t live without. “I use the omega cream every day: morning, afternoon and evening. I take it [with me] everywhere I go, ”she told WH. ‘I even put it on the dog’s nose!’

I decided that if it’s good enough for Reese and her dog, my relentlessly dehydrated complexion should give it a try during our notoriously skin-dry Christmas season.

This is how I felt after trying Biossance’s iconic moisturizer for a couple of weeks.

What does the Squalan + Omega Repair Cream from Biossance do?

Let’s start with the list of ingredients first – this is where this moisturizer comes in. It’s literally filled to the brim with hard-working ingredients, including the brand’s proprietary sugarcane squalane, which mimics the moisturizing power of squalene (a naturally produced lipid that decreases as you age).

In true Biossance fashion, every single ingredient is carefully checked. It’s free from parabens, PEGs, and fragrances so I can be sure that my sensitive skin will not be harmed in making this function.

“Our Squalane + Omega Repair Cream is loaded with ingredients that improve hydration and skin barrier function,” said McKenzie Bolt, director of global education at Biossance.

“Omega fatty acids help protect your skin from environmental damage, and ceramides strengthen your protective skin barrier, while glycerin is an underrated humectant that helps skin retain essential moisture.”

Squalane and Omega repair cream


£ 45.00

Yes, this all-round cream is a dry skin savior. By combining ceramides – part of the skin’s own moisture factor – shea butter and plant-based acai berry sterols to regenerate the skin, it is a moisturizing powerhouse. Did I mention that it is also loaded with hyaluronic acid – the molecule that can absorb a thousand times its own weight in water -?

Does it actually fight dry skin?

Before we get into that, I should say that I have very dry skin. Especially at this time of year – when central heating, freezing temperatures and festive cocktails make my skin feel like parchment paper. I have also tried MANY moisturizing moisturizers in the past, all of which claimed to get rid of my perpetually dry cheeks, tight forehead, and flaky nose. Some work; others not so much.

But I have to say, I was really impressed with this moisturizer. The first time I used it only took a pea-sized amount to cover my face and neck – I used the formula day and night along with my now very pared-down back skin care routine, which consists of a double cleanse, toning, serum, moisturizer and SPF.

But it wasn’t until a week later that I noticed that some of the dryness on my nose and the tightness around my cheeks were easing. Dry skin is inevitable in winter, and no moisturizer can reverse the central heating explosion and sub-zero temperatures we are exposed to. But strengthening your skin barrier (the outermost layer of skin) is your best bet at this time of year – and it really works.

As? Ingredients that support the skin’s barrier function – hello omega fatty acids! – helps prevent external aggressors (think UV rays, pollution, blue light, etc.) from getting inside the skin and causing things like dryness and irritation. Instead, your skin remains protected, plumped up, and hydrated. Yay.

How is it different from others? Moisturizers?

Of course, Biossance does things differently from the start, but the texture is also unique in itself. As a hybrid of gel cream and butter, it offers the rare triad of care, a non-greasy feeling and a really light, quickly absorbed formula.

For this purpose, it is also the perfect base for makeup for sitting. I rarely wear a full face with makeup on, but it left my skin shiny and shiny when I added tinted moisturizer and cream blush – no pilling, wrinkles, or caking in sight.

After all, it doesn’t irritate my skin – thanks in part to an emulsification technique that the brand calls “Liquid Crystal System”, which guarantees the right mix of oils and water to minimize any disruption to the skin.

My verdict: Squalan + Omega Repair Cream from Biossance

First, can we talk about the glow? It’s rare that a product can add so much light reflection, but I was quite surprised with the results. Additionally, I’ve noticed that this shine lasts all day and is only enhanced when I add a touch of makeup. A savior in the high season, I would add.

Results after applying the moisturizer with makeup (right) and without (left).

I have to agree with Reese: This is a first-class moisturizer for dry skin. Instead of adding a quick moisturizer that will leave your skin dry hours later, it actually helps restore skin health and keep my skin moisturized for the first time over Christmas.

It’s not cheap, but – and I rarely say this – I think it might be worth the price. Rest assured, I will keep this around for the foreseeable future.

Amelia Bell is the assistant beauty editor at Women’s Health.

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