Tesla Model Y Heat Repair to Cost Nearly $5,700 in Canada

According to a member of the Tesla Model Y Canadian Group on Facebook, a recent no-heat solution for its special Model Y was around CAD $ 5,700 that included parts, labor, and 13% taxes in Ontario. TeslaNorth is reporting.

“When I got to my destination, I left the car and went in, before I left I made the decision to ‘defrost’ the car before I left, and of course the heater worked fine,” said the Toronto-based Model Y owner .

He next sent a work assignment to Tesla through the company’s mobile app and “got a response and was asked to submit it pretty quickly”.

The repairs, fortunately covered by Tesla under warranty, consisted of replacing the refrigerant pressure / temperature sensors, the air conditioning line from the super manifold to the compressor, and the air conditioning compressor itself (heat pump), he noted.

The repair of his Model Y will take a week and he has now been given a Model S on loan.

“Others logged on to Facebook to say they also had a similar full heat pump replacement on their Model Y vehicles last winter, and one owner claimed they were on the fourth replacement. Because of the high cost of replacing the heat pump system, many were worried about owning a Tesla with a heat pump without a guarantee if problems persist. “

While Tesla Service has notified customers that there is an upcoming software update to address the heatless issue, its release is unknown at this time.