Your VGA monitor may be easier to repair than you think

When a VGA observe will not likely start off at all, a widespread cause is that a single or two capacitors are harmed. All you have to do to take care of it is exchange it and you are good to go. It really is less complicated than you believe, and I will present you how.

I was hired to restore a VGA watch, specifically an LG Flatron W1934S, that would no longer change on. All I could see was the blue electric power LED that blinked regularly, about every single two seconds. Owning experienced a 100 per cent achievements fee repairing TVs so considerably, I was not self-confident and considered that it’s possible the keep track of is in a specific situation that won’t let it turn on like it happened to me with a further check a number of a long time back .

On the other hand, a world wide web look for discovered that the difficulty was likely a challenge with the electricity board with one particular of the capacitors ruined, and in principle all I had to do was adhere to the techniques in the online video below. Security be aware: Remember to notice that there are high voltage capacitors. Thus, just after disconnecting the monitor from the mains, hold out a though prior to opening it.

So let us get commenced. The very first phase was to clear away the stand, which was not extremely challenging besides that I experienced to pull quite tricky to choose it out. Then we had been informed to take away the back again go over of the exhibit. Which is pleasant, but I didn’t have a clear plan of ​​it as I could not come across any screws. The method turned out to be to use an outdated credit score card or screwdriver to flip open up the back again include. I went with the latter and did a filthy task …

But at minimum it managed to open up it, and the ways underneath included unplugging several cables.

VGA monitor inverter cable4 inverter cables

We can now choose out the key block which incorporates the power board and a lesser A / D board.

VGA monitor power supply analog board

We have to disconnect the cable from the analog board to the electric power board and loosen 4 screws from the latter to acquire it out, and at that place it was distinct what the difficulty with a swollen C812 capacitor was.

LG Flatron W1934S VGA monitor power supply board

Swollen capacitor power supply board

So you never will need to verify nearly anything with a multimeter or oscilloscope, a visual inspection of the board could place the problem correct absent. I even checked it out on Twitter by making use of the initial photograph (minus the purple marker) for fun and a whole lot of people today obtained it right, so it basically seems to be a pretty common challenge.

So I acquired a couple of 1000uF / 10V capacitors on the internet, and equipped with a soldering pump and iron, I removed the damaged capacitor just before soldering just one of the new elements.

1000ua / 10V capacitor replacement

Now it truly is time to reassemble the VGA observe, but right before I place the again go over again on, which is a trouble to take out, I’ve examined the monitor and … accomplishment !!! Huhu !!!

Repaired VGA monitor LG Flatron W1934S

I put everything back again collectively and now have a doing the job VGA observe. Whole hardware price tag for the repair service: 24 baht for 10 capacitors or about 74 cents (7.4 cents for each capacitor). Newly acquired know-how: priceless!

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