Xiaomi Mi11 comes with air-con for extremely cooling?

Siomi is holding a press conference on March 29, Monday, which is already considered the largest. There we get to know different devices. When it comes to smartphones, we have the Xiaomi Mi11 Ultra and the Xiaomi Mi11 Pro. Then we also have the Xiaomi Mi Band 6. This includes the new Xiaomi Mi Mic smartphone, the laptop and the air conditioning. At least that’s all we know so far. However, in this regard, there have been reports of the Xiaomi Mi11 Ultra’s cooling.

Xiaomi Mi11 comes with air conditioning for ultra-cooling?

This smartphone will be the first to adopt full phase heat dissipation technology and it will be able to achieve unique heat dissipation. The technology changes its heat dissipation patterns between three phases – solids, liquids and gases.

Mi 11 ultra cooling

All of this is still unclear, but it is the information that the film reveals that has hit the internet. But we know everything in detail on Monday.

Meanwhile, Xiaomi has released a teaser that talks about a new technology. Drums It’s the debut with the Mi 11 Ultra.

A revolutionary battery!

In practice, these are the silicon-oxygen anode batteries announced in Weibo and Twitter. So this is the latest technology that has never been used on a smartphone. Shiomi says it was inspired by electric vehicles. This leads to a much faster charging time for the smartphone, while much thinner batteries can build up. The result will of course be even thinner smartphones.

Mi 11 Ultra Cooling

In the meantime, Xiaomi has also published a teaser for a new chipset. First since 2017. The last was called Surge S1, and I remember never having had an heir. Now and after a lot of fog d. Sebastino finally seems to have arrived.

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