VIDEO | Excellent time to get a brand new furnace | By Travis Roell and Jon Bohn from Albiero Plumbing & HVAC

Washington County, WI – The boys from Albiero plumbing & HVAC Now is the time to invest in a new oven.

Government incentives are a good time to invest in an oven

“With some of the money you got back from the federal government, this is a good investment to add value to your home,” said Albiero owner Travis Roell.

Albiero Plumbing & Heating ordered 75 stoves so that the items are already ready for installation.

“We have about two weeks for installations. But it’s a good time to do it, ”said Roell.

Another bonus for the customer is the free WiFi thermostat.

“Because we bought a large number of stoves, we learned a lot about WiFi statistics and passed these savings on to the customer,” said Jon Bohn, heating specialist at Albiero Plumbing & HVAC.

Wi-Fi thermostat

Albiero Plumbing, Inc. is a proud distributor of Armstrong air conditioning systems and ovens. Armstrong is one of the most respected and recognized names in the heating and cooling industry, and we stand by their line of products. We pride ourselves on offering our customers a line of products that represent industry leadership, dedicated customer service, and product integrity.


Fully modulating operation with platinum – 96 V.
Gold – 95 V two-stage operation
Silver – 95 One-step operation

Testimonial: If you want to keep your home warm inside, give Travis and Jon a call. I installed a new oven in the fall and Albiero installed a free WIFI thermostat. My heating bills are a third of what it was and Albiero filled out the paperwork and I received a check from Focus on Energy for my system upgrade.

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