UV-C for HVAC or AHU in gym/indoor stadiums to breathe pure air 

Covid-19 has taught us some very important lessons, including making our health a priority. There has been great emphasis on a strong immune system — no wonder, everyone is trying to make conscious efforts to follow a balanced lifestyle. Nutrition is a critical aspect that must not be neglected, but a regular exercise regime is equally important.

But why is it that these spaces are under the radar? That’s because enclosed spaces like these run the risk of transmission in high numbers. We already know that the coronavirus spreads when respiratory droplets and aerosols that carry the virus come in contact with your eyes, mouth, and nose. Now, in these close-proximity spaces, people do heavy exercises, which then automatically increases the range at which people exhale respiratory droplets.

According to research by the University of Florida, moderate-intensity exercise can increase your breathing rate to 7 to 10 times your ‘at-rest’ breathing rate.

But the good news is that these risks can be mitigated, with the implementation of proper hygiene methods, strict regulations, staggered timings, and of course, good ventilation systems.

Here are some steps that gyms and indoor stadiums should adopt to prevent transmission of the virus:

1. Practice social distancing: The World Health Organisation (WHO) advises everyone to keep a physical distance of at least 1 metre from others, even if they are not sick. That’s because physical distance reduces the risk of infection caused by large droplets transmitted between individuals.

In the case of gyms, it is important for owners to arrange machines and other equipment accordingly to help users maintain social distancing. They could also use signage, or even physical barriers to ensure that these safety protocols are implemented.

2. Install hand-washing and sanitizer stations: Social distancing is not the ONLY rule gyms must follow, it is also essential for them to provide their users with sanitizers and install hand-washing stations. While wearing masks during exercising is considered detrimental for health, gyms must ensure that their users are fully vaccinated, before letting them enter the space.

3. Have staggered timings: To make sure that social distancing and other safety protocols are followed, gym and indoor stadium owners can limit the number of users at any given point. Not operating at full capacity is a beneficial step in curbing the transmission of the virus.

4.  A good ventilation system: A clean environment with good ventilation systems, backed by the best in technology, is the need of the hour. As per WHO, the risk of contracting the Covid-19 virus is increased in crowded and poorly ventilated settings. That’s because the virus passes between people through infected respiratory particles in the form of droplets and aerosols. That’s exactly why gym owners MUST install sophisticated ventilation systems to ensure utmost safety in their spaces.

How can these ventilation systems curb the spread of the virus?

Most heating, ventilation, and air-conditioning (HVAC) systems pull outside air inside, as per the WHO. While HVACs are now omnipresent, they can play a key role in controlling the spread of SarsCov2, if maintained properly. The V in HVAC, or ventilation, is the process of replacing or exchanging air within a space.

Thanks to this technology, the quality of air in indoor spaces can be drastically improved. Of course, the HVAC systems eliminate the removal of moisture, smoke, odours, heat, dust, airborne bacteria, carbon dioxide, and other gases. Moreover, they also ensure temperature control and oxygen replenishment.

What makes UV-C tubes a preferred option?

UV-C fixtures installed in air-handling-unit (AHU) plenums/ ducts, air-distribution systems, or HVAC ductwork inactivate microorganisms “on the fly.” The germicidal dose is determined by the UV-C intensity, exposure time, and target pathogen’s susceptibility to UV-C.

ams OSRAM’s UV-C tubes have a low-pressure Hg discharge lamp, transparent long-life coating, soft glass tube, and do not generate ozone. At the same time, they offer high efficiency.

In the absence of a good ventilation system, all other precautions taken by indoor exercising arena will be in vain. World over, gyms and indoor stadium owners are switching over to HVAC systems powered by  UV-C tubes to give athletes and health-conscious citizens a safe and healthy experience. Switch to ams OSRAM’s UV-C specifically designed for HVAC systems to be part of a safe, conscious and healthy ecosystem!

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