Urgent appeal launched to fund £200,000 repair work and modernisation at Sandwell church

Rev John Bridge and the interior of St. Giles Church, Rowley Regis

Rev. John Bridge, pastor of St. Giles Church in Rowley Regis, has now officially launched a call to raise up to £ 200,000 for work on the building.

He hopes that much of the necessary work can be done in time for the centenary celebrations in 2023.

The interior of St. Giles Church, Rowley Regis

A fundraising team has been organized and people are invited to donate funds through an online donation page accessible through a Facebook page, church website, or in person.

Rev John Bridge and the interior of St. Giles Church, Rowley RegisThe interior of St. Giles Church, Rowley Regis

Rev Bridge said, “We estimate that due to structural issues with the tower, decoration and moisture throughout the property, it will cost around £ 200,000.

“The plumbing, heating and electrics are all outdated and everything is worn out and needs to be modernized.

“We are approaching the 100th anniversary of the building in 2023 and I hope to raise funds in time for the celebrations.

“Civil engineers have yet to review the building, so the amount we intend to raise is currently an estimate.

“I am aware that not all the necessary work will be completed in time for the 100th anniversary celebrations, but I hope that a lot can still be achieved.

“We also want to become greener and install new heating systems and new technology because our services are now online.

“There are about 50 attending in person, the rest are online.

“I know these are difficult times for everyone, but I hope people give what they can.

“We are a parish church and we have a lot of weddings and baptisms.

“People see us as their church in Rowley and it would be good to modernize our building to make sure it exists for the next 100 years.”