Ukraine HVAC Industry to Europe: Stop AC, Refrigeration Supplies for Russia and Belarus

Adapted from the Likond Press Center:

The Refrigeration Association of Ukraine has called on European manufacturers of refrigeration and air conditioning solutions to stop supplying equipment to Russia and Belarus. Those product categories mentioned were refrigeration and climatic equipment and their components “of all customs codes; refrigerants and raw materials for their production of all customs codes; electronic products and their components; and software for refrigeration and air conditioning equipment.”

Serhiy Anashkin, who leads the Ukranian Refrigeration Association, spoke to the European AREA Association to thank persons who offered support through letters and offers to provide assistance to Ukraine.

Mr. Anashkin called on the air conditioning and refrigeration industry to “completely break the supply chain to the Russian Federation and the Republic of Belarus,” and requested that companies cease investing in projects related to Russia and Belarus.

‘The enemy army hits schools, kindergartens, businesses in various industries and just residential areas and homes.’

Mr Anashkin said refrigeration technology “is used in missiles to cool missile fuel, missile warheads, ships and military equipment to cool engines and crews, combat crews, military depots and weapons factories.”

“Now ALL of our country, in EACH of its settlements, is suffering losses both among people and among infrastructure facilities,” continued the letter. “The enemy army hits schools, kindergartens, businesses in various industries and just residential areas and homes. The occupiers, in addition to firearms, use weapons – caliber cruise missles, BUK missle systems, aircraft, helicopters and armored vehicles…cluster bombs, which are banned worldwide. Our people are burning alive in this hell! But WE WILL FIGHT!”

Mr Anashkin also asked if European companies could offer Ukraine a deferral of payments for air conditioning and refrigeration equipment and components as the country is trying to support trade, hospitals and blood banks.

Anashkin wrote that European manufacturers can use the “force majeure” in agreements that had been struck with Russia and Belarus. The force majeure legal concept supports unforeseeable circumstances that prevent fulfillment of contracts. See the letter below: