Tree-filled residence stays cool in Hanoi – no air-con required

VTN Architects continues its ongoing efforts to bring eco-friendly architecture to urban Vietnam with the recently completed Bat Trang House. Filled with trees and plants, the residence serves as a home and workplace for a family of seven and is defined by a ceramic facade made of bricks that helps keep the interior cool.

Bat Trang House is located in Bat Trang City, a traditional pottery village and part of the larger Hanoi city. Its owner is a ceramic specialist, so the company used this as inspiration to create an exterior facade made of ceramic bricks. The overall design is quite eye-catching and, like the company’s previous Ha Long Villa, is filled with gaps that help circulate air in the interior.

The large number of plants and trees are used for shade and the house is also crowned by a green roof. According to the company, the interior is so cool that no air conditioning is required.

“The interiors were designed with a minimalist approach,” explains VTN Architects. “Large panes of glass were incorporated without fear of overheating the house, as direct sunlight was filtered through the two layers of the ceramic facade and the green facade. The gaps in the ceramic walls work particularly well to effectively receive the right amount of solar energy . ” Benefit for the interior, especially in summer. The use of an artificial air conditioning system was not necessary, as the three-layer ventilation system of the ceramic outer facade, alternating green areas and doors ensure that the house is absolutely cool. “

The Bat Trang House measures an impressive 720 m² and extends over five floors

Hiroyuki Oki

The interior of the Bat Trang House measures an impressive 720 m² and extends over five floors. The first floor and the basement are occupied by an exhibition room in which the owners’ pottery is on display. The living areas, kitchen, outdoor terraces, study, dining room and bedrooms are all upstairs. There is also a swimming pool on a terrace.

In addition, an unspecified number of solar panels reduces the electricity consumption in the network, while a rainwater collection system provides for the irrigation of the extensive greenery.

VTN Architects is passionate about integrating greenery into its projects and the Bat Trang House connects other similar houses in the company, such as the Breathing House and the Binh House.

Source: VTN Architects