This Tree-Crammed House Stays Cool With out Even Requiring Air Conditioning

VTN architects are pushing their ongoing efforts to build architecture that integrates greenery in urban Vietnam. Her latest work, the Bat Trang House, is one such example.

The Bat Trang House is home to a family of seven. It offers them accommodation and a place to work for the family. It is an eye-catching residence because of its unique plant-based appearance. A special type of ceramic stone was used to build the structure, which amazingly keeps it cool, meaning the family doesn’t need air conditioning even in the summer months.

The house is named after Bat Trang Town, its location. The city is actually a traditional pottery village and is located in the Hanoi area. The homeowner is a ceramic specialist and, to the best of his knowledge, has used the best possible ceramic brick facade for the construction of his house. The house has a fascinating design that looks airy and cool. The plants and trees add to the cool effect and the overall look of the house.

The idea of ​​building houses and buildings so that there is plenty of space for greenery is what most urban environments need. Having cities abundant with buildings full of plants and trees would certainly contribute to cleaner air and be an effective way of combating climate change. The family lives in interesting houses. Her previous house, ‘Ha Long Villa’, is filled with gaps that allow better air circulation throughout the interior.

Plants in abundance at Bat Trang House are intended for shade, and the structure also has a green roof.

“The interiors were designed with a minimalist approach,” explains VTN Architects. “Large panes of glass were integrated without fear of overheating the house, as the direct sunlight was filtered through the two layers of the ceramic facade and the green facade. The gaps in the ceramic walls ensure effective solar radiation in the interior, especially in summer. Artificial air conditioning was not required, as the three-layer ventilation system of the ceramic exterior facade, alternating green spaces and doors guarantee that the house is absolutely cool. “

The interior of the Bat Trang House measures 720 m² and has a total of five floors. The family uses the basement and the first floor to display their pottery work. The kitchen, bedrooms, living area, dining room and study are on the upper floor. Amazingly, the only cool feature isn’t the architecture with trees and plants. It also has a swimming pool on one of its terraces.

In addition, the Bat Trang House has installed numerous solar panels that provide enough energy for backup and regular use. Another cool feature is the rainwater collection system that provides water for the extensive plantation.