These Automobiles Have The Highest Restore Prices

RepairPal’s data was used to determine the average repair cost per part along with the worst offenders. Let’s start with this AC compressor: the average repair cost was $ 1,211, but the BMW 750Li was by far the worst at $ 4,453, followed by the Lexus GS450h at $ 3,693 and the Mercedes-Benz E400 at $ 3,684.

Another BMW, the M760i xDrive, takes $ 2,669 to replace the alternator, just behind the Porsche Cayenne ($ 2,810) and well above the average of all cars ($ 825). Replacing a fuel pump costs an average of $ 1,135 for all vehicles, but both the Lexus IS F and LS460 will cost you over $ 3,700 for the same repair.

Another inevitable repair down the line is the starter, which came in at a reasonable average cost of $ 630. The Audi RS5, however, recorded significantly higher US $ 2,708 for this repair, followed by the Mercedes-AMG GL63 at US $ 2,695.