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Each and every week we get your queries about what’s likely on underneath the hood of your car or truck and set them to a knowledgeable mechanic in the bigger Toronto area. In present day column, we go over a faulty air conditioning method in a Honda Odyssey and what it could signify if your brake does not launch.

Dear mechanic, question

I push a 2006 Honda Odyssey. The air conditioning labored perfectly right until not too long ago. Not guaranteed what transpired but I tried using to change it on the other day but it just stopped operating. I even more investigated the predicament and located that my compressor did not convert on. What can i do following? – Scorching sensation

Zafar Habib, co-proprietor of Humble dealership in Scarborough, believes there might be a leak in the technique and explained he noticed buyers on this collection of automobiles have difficulties with the air conditioning compressor relay program. In this circumstance, refrigerant could leak out of the program as the compressor is not activated. He endorses having a specialist to glimpse close to. Just before the process is refilled, a leak check will have to be carried out. If this initial inspection displays no leak, the mechanic can execute an evacuation and recharge provider. This allows the internal method to be drained of refrigerant, air and dampness.

“If needed, they re-pressurize the process, set the dye in the procedure, and do a UV mild check,” he discussed.

The UV light-weight leads to the dye to fluoresce. Applying exclusive coloured lenses, mechanics can then find leaks and determine if a mend is required.

Pricey mechanic, request

My car’s passenger aspect brake has not totally released in the earlier few weeks. This triggers the auto to drag and wobble. I recognized that this takes place when the motor gets warm. Why is that and what ought to I do? – Won’t be able to just take a break

Habib believes there are two probable good reasons for this. The to start with is that the caliper may adhere. The next motive could be the flex hose that carries the brake fluid to the caliper, which may perhaps have unsuccessful internally. The internal layer can swell or crack and act like a one-way valve or restriction. “When you implement the brake, the force of the process overcomes the restriction, but when it is unveiled the brake simply cannot be entirely produced,” producing the wheel to drag. Habib implies using it to an vehicle restore shop so they can test it out. A mechanic will likely do a street examination in advance of eliminating the wheel triggering the challenge and performing an investigation.

Question a Mechanic was penned by Nida Zafar, a reporter for The Pointer who grew up in a dwelling total of mechanics in Scarborough and once in a while asks issues to her father or brother. You can send your questions to These responses are for informational uses only. Be sure to check with a licensed mechanic in advance of doing any function on your motor vehicle.