Teardown shows just how tough the Samsung Galaxy Z Fold 3 is to repair

That Samsung Galaxy Z Fold 3 is unquestionably an extraordinary piece of know-how, but in conditions of repairability, it makes repairing pretty substantially any other cellphone look like a breeze.

For most of us, the plan of ​​opening a £ 1,599 smartphone on the 1st working day to see what is inside of is ill-recommended at best. Fortunately, there are individuals on YouTube who won’t be able to hold out to see their smartphones tick, and that is the case with the PBKreviews channel, which took aside and reassembled the new Galaxy Z Fold 3 – seemingly with no unwell effects.

However, this is not a environmentally friendly flag for Diy.

“As far as repairability is worried, I give this cellphone two out of 10 details,” states the moderator of the video. “It is a really difficult telephone to disassemble and quite time consuming.”


That is a little bit of an understatement: Despite the fact that the entire video is only 11 minutes extended, there are numerous speedy cuts and a whole lot of the laborious unscrewing and gentle heating of components is accelerated for the advantage of the viewer.

In purchase to hold the cell phone as slim as feasible, Samsung won’t appear to have wasted any house, and all of the components are tightly aligned and held in position by what we count at the very least 35 Phillips-head screws.

Owing to the distinctive design and style, two of the elements are of system doubled. Not only are there both equally external and internal screens for sleek loosening and removing, but the battery ability is also inconsistently split among the two halves. One aspect has a 2280 mAh mobile and the other has a 2120 mAh battery for a put together capacity of 4400 mAh.

In shorter, we would not recommend executing repairs on your own. Fortuitously, Samsung has its have security deal named Samsung Treatment Moreover that does all of this for you should really the worst materialize. It is not just low-cost, but if you happen to be already spending £ 1,599 on a smartphone, then an extra £ 189 for two decades of peace of mind will not seem like the worst offer in the environment.