Supply Chain Issues Lead To Limited Furnace Supply As Winter Nears – CBS Miami

MINNEAPOLIS (WCCO-TV) – Winter is on the way, which means Minnesotans will be cranking up the heat. This winter could be challenging for those who have old or faulty furnaces, thanks to the global supply chain issues.

Like many industries, supply of furnaces and their parts is backed up. The pandemic is to blame.

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“This supply chain issue is something that none of us have ever experienced,” said Andy Ryan, President of Homeworks Plumbing, Heating, and Air in Eagan, Minnesota. “This is hopefully a once in a life time issue that we can all get through, take care of everybody and hopefully it never happens again.”

With cooler temperatures on the way, now is the time to make sure your furnace is good to go.

“We always recommend that clients do their annual furnace tune-ups,” said Ryan. “So if you haven’t done your tune-up, call Homeworks, call another company. Get someone out there to take a look. Get the state of affairs of your heating system. To make sure it’s safe, it’s performing right, and it’s efficiently operating.”

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Waiting months to get the furnace you need is a possibility. Homeworks has done their best to stock up on inventory to fight the supply chain problem. But prices keep going up.

“Every month that goes by, the prices are increasing. This year alone we’ve seen five price increases on furnaces and air conditioners,” said Ryan. “So we recommend to clients, the sooner they buy, the more likely they’re going to pay a lower price, the longer they wait, the higher the costs are going to become.”

So to keep your wallet full, and your home warm, acting sooner is better.

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“The worst thing you could do is it be negative 20 degrees in Minnesota which is right around the corner, and be stuck without heat, and having to pick an inferior product,” said Ryan.