SmartCocoon | Good HVAC Register Booster Fan: Enhance Your House Consolation in Each Room Whereas Saving Vitality


SmartCocoon has developed a new version of the airflow register fan that can improve the temperature and comfort at home in a single room and save energy for homeowners.

Today SMARTCOCOON starts its new crowdfunding campaign on Kickstarter. The Launch Day Special starts at $ 99 Deposit level. With the help of the Kickstarter campaign, SmartCocoons would like to bring the completely revised and improved version of the Smart Booster Fan to many more households. With the SmartCocoon device, users can set the temperatures of their house to specific rooms via a Smart Register Booster fan and an app.

90% of the houses in North America There is only one heating / cooling zone controlled by a single thermostat on the ground floor. As a result, several rooms in each house are typically too hot or too cold. SmartCocoon solves this problem with the development of the Smart Register Booster Fan. Creation of an even air flow and temperature control down to a single room. All via an easy-to-install (DIY), AI-enabled register booster fan that can be controlled with a mobile application.

“The principle of forced air HVAC systems hasn’t changed in decades. In a world where everyone is trying to reduce energy consumption, why are we still using the same heating and cooling systems that our parents used to use? Sure, there was We’ve already innovated in the stoves, but we’ve never looked at how we distribute the energy in our homes. We have created a system to manage the energy distribution. So you get what you need, where you need it. ”

Technical data: – Energy savings of 30% – Increase air flow by up to 200%

  • Ability to plan / control any room temperature and fan speed in the mobile app
  • Automatically synchronizes with the main system
  • Quiet, barely visible, powerful high-performance fans

Press releases, including video clips and high resolution images, can be downloaded using the SmartCocoon media kit: click HERE to view them.

About SmartCocoon: SmartCocoon started in 2017 with the introduction of a very simple prototype and reached 500 households by the end of 2020. The Canadian company has developed an Ai-controlled micro-air conditioning solution for HVAC systems with circulating air. With the easy-to-install Wi-Fi enabled Smart Fan, users have complete control over the airflow in their home. Use of sensors on the device and integration in intelligent thermostats for automatic detection of temperature changes and for direct air circulation into the rooms.

You can now support SmartCocoon on our Kickstarter page. from $ 99 Promise for the Launch Day Special.

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