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The solar has been burning considering the fact that the beginning of summer and the heat is tough to bear. The workers who struggle in the SONGZ workshop are not fearful of the heat and adhere to their occupation.

On July 22nd, the SONGZ Bus Division, alongside one another with the Freezing and Refrigeration Division and the Rail Transit Division, released a substantial temperature condolence occasion for the Huaning Road Plant. Mr. Cui Changhai, vice president of SONGZ shares and normal supervisor of the bus company office, headed the Huaning Street management staff to present condolences and condolences to the workshop staff members.

During the take a look at, the professionals successively distributed salt and soda to the workshop personnel and exchanged warm activities with the staff members in order to obtain a deep knowledge of the circumstance on the entrance line. Send deep greetings to the foundation colleagues.

In addition, food items and cooling merchandise to protect against warmth stroke, together with inexperienced bean soup, supplies for heat stroke avoidance, and so forth., are delivered day by day to create a greater local ecosystem and neat off all people.


Even even though the climate is scorching incredibly hot, SONGZ staff members interpret their responsibility and duty with their challenging work and sweat.

This high temperature maintenance will persuade frontline employees to concentrate on additional fulfilling function.

Reward every perseverance and perseverance!

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