Roanoke specialists advocate trenchless know-how as choice for sewer restore

“A well-maintained sewer system is critical to the health and comfort of your family,” he said Ted Puzio, Owner of Southern Trust. “Repairs can be a big undertaking, however. The extensive digging required to gain access to the sewer can damage landscaping and potentially disrupt a family’s day-to-day lives. Trenchless technology provides a convenient, low-cost solution that enables us to meet the same high standards. ” Quality results without digging, saving homeowners time and stress. “

Trenchless solutions allow technicians to build new pipelines into the ground through a single access point instead of digging a trench the full length of the pipe. The new pipe, which is equipped with a conical tip, slides into the existing pipe. When the new pipe is pulled through by a hydraulic motor, the tip will split the old pipe to make room. Trenchless repairs can often be completed in a day or two compared to five for traditional digging methods.

“Sometimes the traditional burial approach is still necessary, but in many cases trenchless provides similar results with no problem,” said Puzio. “Anyone who suspects they have a sewer in need of repair should consult a professional about the options available. This is especially true for anyone who has postponed repairs because they are concerned about the cost or inconvenience.”

Sewer pipes can be damaged by underground roots or soil displacement. Common signs of a damaged sewer line are slow drains, clogging, gas or sewer smells, and damp lawns in the yard. If these problems persist, professional sewer diagnosis is recommended.

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