ram repair try . one chip hot ,solder touch the gold finger by mistake

i got 2 samsung ram 2gb ddr2 in pairs from online a used one, one ram is working ok, the other one dint, so while watching youtube videos etc. i learned from a person that if the black chip of ram is over heating in seconds than the other chips in that ram while poweron, the capacitor should be removed , he did strip off the little capacitor from that ram , so i was afraid to strip it hard , so i thought to solder it out , but while doing so, the solder touched the 3-4 gold pins in ram , but i did removed the small capacitor , and tried to remove the solder stuck to gold pins in ram , but then i put in computer ,,but it dint post ..same thing as before for this ram.. so my question.. how to repair it altogether now.. and would the ram work if its gold plate are stripped ? still the same chip is overheating in seconds the computer gets on. thank you.. looking forward to learn more .

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