Previous City Playhouse Replaces HVAC System

With the Old Town Playhouse in Traverse City taking a break from the shows, they took the opportunity of an empty theater to do much-needed work.

“This is the perfect time to get this job done,” said Deb Jackson, executive director of Old Town Playhouse. “It’s kind of a messy project. We don’t interrupt show schedules. “

They are replacing their entire HVAC system, a project that will cost the theater a lot of money if not a lot of profit comes through the door.

“All in all, it’s going to be a $ 60,000 project, so we haven’t had the funds for a long time,” he said Jackson. “Our patrons and volunteers have just gathered. They raised funds until we could mark what we needed. “

Old Town Playhouse says they had to make decisions that put the safety of their guests first.

“I hesitate to go to the movies or public places myself and so we must do everything possible to gain confidence that it is safe to see a play,” said resource manager Garry Bolton.

In addition to updated systems, old units will also be removed and air purification systems installed.

“We’re trying to make it as safe as possible for you. That’s why we’ve improved the air conditioning, which keeps the air clean throughout the building, ”said Bolton.

They hope these changes will bring them one step closer to reopening.

“We’re doing absolutely everything to make this a healthy environment, and our patrons and our volunteers who do all the work here will be comfortable when they return,” said Jackson.

Old Town Playhouse says they expect construction to take place at the theater for the next few weeks, but look forward to welcoming their guests again this summer.