PMH Program to repair AC units continues

Princess Margaret Medical center (PMH) continues to make development with its AC device restore method at its facility after models have been fixed on a number of wards on the hospital’s previous campus. Efforts will continue to be made to repair service or replace any remaining malfunctioning or partly performing models.

Clinic administration confirms that the air conditioning on the feminine health-related station was repaired past Monday and the device serving the female medical station II was fixed very last Wednesday. It is even further confirmed that the air conditioning for the obstetrics and gynecology wards has also been fixed. The air conditioning for the perform and puerperium division was repaired two (2) weeks in the past.

The healthcare facility will continue to repair air conditioning in numerous remaining locations, including Feminine Medical Unit 1, which is at present no cost for just one (1) thirty day period the prenatal ward with working units that need to be changed and the male Healthcare 1 ward with a partially performing unit. In addition, the air conditioning maintenance perform will continue in the dialysis unit, which has 1 (1) out of two (2) models operating.

For clarity subsequent the reviews made by the President of the Nursing Union on the issue of non-performing air conditioners in the Postnatal, Female Health-related 1 and Male Medical 1 and II Male Healthcare Division II has been shut and gutted for about two (2) many years, and the other places talked about have either been repaired or are progressing. The union president has been invited to acquire and obtain up to date information and facts on the progress of the repair service do the job. The PHA values ​​the perseverance of all of its team, together with our nurses, who proceed to care for our patients even with these unlucky instances.

The protection and well being of people and staff is a top priority for Princess Margaret Clinic, and investments are produced in clinic infrastructure and its skilled servicing to guarantee that the facility supplies an best natural environment for the treatment and treatment of our patients.