Parents complain of broken air conditioning units and overcrowding at a metro high school – WSB-TV Channel 2

DOUGLAS COUNTY, Georgia – Many dad and mom of New Manchester Large Faculty college students in Douglas County have elevated fears about defective air conditioning and overcrowding in the college. Mom and dad are notably involved about these challenges in the middle of a pandemic.

Dad and mom say they fully grasp the college administration attempted to correct this promptly, but they feel it could have been dealt with significantly greater.

“It has been incredibly very hot in the previous couple of months,” reported 1 parent who did not reveal himself.

The heat at school is not the only issue that anxieties parents.

COVID-19 scenarios have multiplied in colleges, primarily significant universities. Dad and mom in New Manchester believe that air top quality is much more significant than at any time.

“Definitely with COVID and other styles of viruses and bacteria and only with germs. Certainly, I assume the warmth and all of that will be even far more rampant, ”said a further parent.

The AC models in New Manchester stopped performing close to August 13th.

Faculty administrators say they ordered the pieces to be fixed immediately, but the pieces are backlog.

Some lecturers have moved their courses to cooler pieces of the setting up.

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The school’s teachers have elevated concerns about other difficulties at the school. It is stated that the courses have been overcrowded considering the fact that university begun this yr, some with extra than 30 little ones at the exact time.

The college district told Channel 2 Action Information that they have just hired six new individuals who are educated. This need to aid with overcrowding concerns.