Oregon-Davis School Board Approves RFP for HVAC Project – WKVI Information Center

The Oregon-Davis School Board members approved paperwork last week that would start the process of looking at the school’s HVAC systems.

A Request for Proposals (RFP) was approved that would assemble interest from qualified engineering and architectural firms to provide expertise for specific HVAC improvements to the Elementary School and the Junior/Senior High School. 

Several components of the corporation’s HVAC systems are reaching their end of life and many have already reached that point. 

A comprehensive review is requested of existing HVAC conditions including boilers, heat exchangers, air handling units, chillers, unit ventilators, controls, pumps, and pipes and ducts.  A domestic hot water system for the Elementary School will also be part of the review.

A timeline for potential upgrades would be included in a list of recommendations for the board.  The recommended improvements will be listed as capital expenditures or maintenance items to determine proper costs. 

The Oregon-Davis School Board members approved the RFP as presented. 

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