Observe Mikage Furnace – Tatara Tales Genshin Impact

In the Tatara Tales quest chain in Genshin Influence, you have to enjoy the Mikage furnace. This is the initially section of the larger Tatara Tales chain. This will allow you to unlock the Shakkei Pavilion, for case in point, so it is really a quite helpful quest. As with many other quests in the Inazuma update, fixing is not specially quick. To help you tackle this quest as promptly as achievable we wrote this Watch the Mikage Furnace – Tatara Tales Genshin Influence Guide.

How to Look at the Mikage Oven

You get this quest from Xavier. He will assign you the observation 3 Mikage ovens. These 3 destinations will then be marked on your map. Approaching a single of these purple boundaries presents you the prospect to examine suitable in entrance of it. When you have finished this, you can move on to the future Mikage Furnace. The westernmost Mikage Furnace is very simple enough – just go there, defeat the enemies in entrance of it, and examine. The second, middle a single, is much extra challenging. It is also guarded by enemies, but these are the least of your worry. Ruin them and then Summon Electrogranum. There is a Elektroseelie in this article, and you have to induce it a pair of moments when below the action of the electrogranum. Right after that, you can also examine this furnace.

The 3rd and final Mikage oven to watch is in the southeast. You will see that it lies underneath a large round barrier. A quick length from it, you can summon an electrogranum. Use it to get into the barrier where by you may discover the very last stage to look into. Report to Xavierwhich offers you the following step in this chain of quests.