No air conditioning, no fans, just some extra Gatorades: Workers in the Pacific Northwest were forced to swelter through last month’s heat dome.

In June, a warmth dome flooded the Pacific Northwest, leading to temperatures to skyrocket in a region exactly where air conditioning is somewhat scarce in comparison to the rest of the nation. Now, new information from the Oregon’s Office of Occupational Safety and Wellness (OSHA) demonstrate staff were specially susceptible to warmth-connected ailments through this interval. Extra than 100 reported working at triple-digit temperatures without admirers and cooling measures, or excess breaks, stories HuffPost. Employees in cafe kitchens stated fainting spells ended up typical, air conditioning techniques were being frequently damaged, and professionals and entrepreneurs would not budge from their requests to shut down since of the heat wave. In simple fact, a restaurant is said to have locked its stroll-in refrigerator to avert staff from employing it to neat off. A Pink Robin diner famous in a complaint: “The only one particular [extra] The compensation they got was Gatorades. “