Newest pothole restore technique trialled in Milton Keynes – MKFM 106.3FM

A new time-saving technique for repairing potholes was tested in Central Milton Keynes today (03/11).

First developed by a local company in Bletchley, the new infrared technology heats the existing asphalt around the pothole. This will make the material soft enough to mix smoothly with new asphalt and refill the hole.

With a Wacker machine, the mixture is compressed as it cools so that it blends into the existing surface.

This new method is designed to be more efficient because it uses less material to peg the potholes and leaves a more seamless patch on the surface.

The road can then be driven over in just 30 minutes from the repair.

During the road repair, white splinters are added to keep the Center MK’s original appearance. These splitters are only used on CMK road surfaces.

The repairs are part of a larger CMK overhaul that will take place in March.

Overhauls include landscaping, repainting parking garage lines, and repairing damaged underpass lights.

Councilor Emily Darlington, Cabinet Member for Public Realm, said: “We have made an additional £ 50,000 available on top of the £ 100,000 already allocated to tackle potholes.

“We’re always trying to achieve as much as possible within our limited budget. This infrared technology not only helps save material, which is good for the environment, but also means we can fill more potholes.”

The pothole repairs will continue throughout March in the Center MK area.

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