New California Rebate enables Valley Air Conditioning & Repair to help community save $7,000 on A/C systems

FRESNO, Calif., March 31, 2022 /PRNewswire/ — The State of California recently launched its TECH Clean California initiative which is a $120 million program funded by California gas corporations to implement low emissions space and water heating units for single and multifamily homes.

For some homeowners considering a new air conditioning system, this California rebate can save them up to $7,000. Unlike solar incentives that require the homeowner to apply for the incentive with the State of California after the system is installed, the homeowner realizes the savings upfront with the TECH Clean California Initiative. The HVAC company that installs the system is then required to apply for reimbursement with the State.

To qualify, an electric heating and cooling unit must be installed by an approved HVAC company. Simon DeLaCerda, General Manager of Valley Air Conditioning and Repair has been installing these systems upon the launch and states, “I am pleased to offer the opportunity, we’ve seen incredible savings for homeowners and urge other homeowners to take advantage of this amazing deal”.

The Switch Is On, is an educational campaign that has been launched to promote the TECH initiative and the benefits of home electrification. Learn more about the campaign through their site.

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