Mijia Air Conditioning Cool Edition Big 1 Piece Released at 1,749 yuan, $277

Xiaomi released Mijia air conditioning cool and refreshing edition big 1 piece, has been in Xiaomi mall open pre-sale, original price 1999 yuan, $333, 100 yuan, $16 deposit can be 350 yuan, $55, the first hand price only 1749 yuan, $277.

The air conditioner is suitable for 8-13 square room, 2710W rated cooling capacity, with a diameter of 98mm large cross flow wind wheel, large area heat exchanger, can achieve 30 seconds of rapid cooling immediately to enjoy cool.

With antibacterial and mildew-proof filter net, high efficiency filter impurities, effectively prevent mildew, fresh and healthy without peculiar smell, safe to ensure every smooth breathing. It supports filter plug intelligent reminder, more intimate to worry.

The air conditioner is also equipped with independent dehumidification function, one button open refreshing and comfortable, reduce mold breeding, no longer worry plum rain days.

It is also connected to Miui AIoT, one-button network, which not only supports the voice remote control of Xiao Ai, but also supports the remote opening and closing of the air conditioner by using Mijia APP. It can also set various functions and control the temperature at any time.

In terms of energy efficiency, the SEER value of mijia Air conditioner Cool Edition is as high as 3.89, which is the fifth grade in the energy efficiency grade of the new air conditioner. According to the standard of the old version, it belongs to the old second-grade energy efficiency.

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In addition, Mijia air conditioner features a textured screen, adjustable wind speed of 7 gears, and a 13-key remote control.