Metropolis of San Angelo presents free plumbing restore after winter storm

SAN ANGELO – As San Angelo slowly begins to thaw after a record breaking winter storm, homeowners begin assessing damage to plumbing, heating appliances, and electrical systems.

A free program offered by the city could help some low-to-middle-income households in San Angelo with costly repairs.

“The City of San Angelo is offering free emergency repairs to repair or replace water pipes and other systems, including gas and sewer lines, damaged by the recent winter storm for households reaching low to moderate income levels,” said Neighborhood & Family Services Director Bob Salas.

Here’s what the Emergency Repair Program does and what it can fix

The Emergency Scheme can help low-income homeowners in San Angelo repair unexpected situations that the city deems “unsafe and unhealthy”.

City officials said the repair emergency must have occurred without warning and within two weeks of contacting the San Angelo Community Housing and Support Division.

“Grant funds and pre-qualified contractors will be used to carry out the emergency repairs for the homeowner free of charge,” the city records read.

San Angelo residents eligible for the program can perform one or more of the following repairs:

  • Sanitary systems – Lack of hot / cold running water, defective sewage system, leaking water / gas pipes or dangerous conditions in plumbing / gas systems, leaking or non-functional water heaters;
  • Electrical systems – Lack of electricity due to electrical hazards, exposed or dangerous electrical lines;
  • Air conditioning / heating – The customer must be elderly (62 years or older) or disabled and the lack of air conditioning / heating must present a health risk identified by a doctor. New central air / heating systems will not be installed, but repairs to an existing unit will be allowed.
  • carpentry – structural deficiencies that pose an immediate safety problem; only performs the necessary work to stop the condition.

Here’s who qualifies for the repair program

To qualify for the city’s emergency repair program, all applicants must meet income requirements, have lived in their home for at least six months, and be within the San Angelo city limits.

Further requirements are:

  • You must provide the office with a recorded certificate of guarantee (or other chargeable deed conveying ownership) on their behalf.
  • Cannot earn more than 80% of the San Angelo Median Family Income as set by HUD.
  • Cannot have a crime conviction in the past 5 years
  • Must not be in default of debt to the City of San Angelo and other local tax authorities.
  • I haven’t received any emergency assistance in the past 24 months.

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Here are the income requirements

On their official website, city officials said that the gross annual household income must be equal to or less than the following maximum amounts, adjusted for family size. Those who qualify for the program include those who:

  • 1 person Household and doing $ 39,200 Or less
  • 2 persons Household and doing $ 44,800 Or less
  • 3 persons Household and doing $ 50,400 Or less
  • 4 people Household and doing $ 56,000 Or less
  • 5 people Household and doing $ 60,500 Or less
  • 6 persons Household and doing $ 65,000 Or less
  • 7 people Household and doing $ 69,450 Or less
  • 8 people Household and doing $ 73,950 Or less

City officials noted that these income policies received from the HUD were effective and subject to change for fiscal year 2020.

Here is what documents you need to submit

Along with the program application, residents must submit the following documents:

  • Photo ID for all adults in the household.
  • Social security card for every person in the household.
  • Birth certificates for every child in the household.
  • Review of all income for people who receive income and live in the household (last tax return, current social security declaration, three most recent pay slips).
  • Guarantee certificate, must be recorded.

In a message to the Standard-Times, Salas stated that people at the Community & Housing Support Division at 52 W. College Ave. You can ask for assistance on the second floor above the WIC Clinic, online on the city website, or by calling 325-655-0824.

Emergency repair program also offered by Galilee

On Thursday, February 18, 2021, the Galilee Community Development Corporation received an Emergency Repairs Scholarship from the San Angelo Area Foundation to help low-income homeowners in need of plumbing and heating repairs due to the winter storm. This emerges from a press release.

“We work with our contractors and will respond as quickly and as best we can to community needs,” the press release said.

Residents who wish to qualify can contact Galilee CDC personally at their office at 1404 S. Oakes St., on Facebook, or on their official website, Residents can call the office at 325-655-6700.

Individuals can also contact United Way Concho Valley at 325-949-3716 or 211 to be added to the list.

Galilee CDC is a non-profit organization that aims to create and maintain affordable housing in the Concho Valley.

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