McKinney TX HVAC Company Air Repair Pros Reveals Secret To Safer & Cleaner Indoor Air

In recent times, air pollution has become a serious concern for people around the globe. Stale air that contains dust, allergens and all sorts of pollutants not only trigger respiratory infections but also compromise the indoor air quality. To solve this pressing problem, Mckinney TX HVAC company is proud to bring the REME HALO® air purifier that purifies all types of indoor air pollutants and leave the place fresh and healthy. Innovatively designed as a lamp, the product uses cutting-edge technology to clean and purify the air and improve the air quality in homes by manifold. What’s more amazing is that REME HALO® serves as the best air filter for allergy and asthma McKinney TX. The product uses the latest reflective electromagnetic technology to produce hydrogen peroxide molecules or plasma, which are responsible for killing almost 99% of the disease-causing microbes, including the recent COVID-19.

What differentiates REME HALO® air purifiers from other such products in the market is their ability to efficiently and proactively eliminate pathogens from the indoor space. In the fall season HVAC system of REME HALO® ensures a completely fresh and healthy indoor air quality, which otherwise is hard to maintain. REME HALO® air purifier is a must-add product for people infected with the coronavirus, respiratory infections or even those undergoing special treatments. Since the air purifier recreates the natural process of producing hydrogen peroxide molecules, there is no need to worry about any harmful molecules that may cause further damage.

The technology incorporated in the product is effective to eliminate viruses almost immediately. It means that people don’t have to wait for hours to breathe fresh air, especially if they have come from a very pollutant outdoor place and have just stepped foot in the home. The revolutionary product removes both the airborne as well as surface-borne pollutants that may compromise the health and atmosphere at homes. In a recent study overseen by DR. James Marsden who is the executive director of science and technology as RGF, The REME HALO® is proved to be extremely effective in combating the deadly COVID-19 virus. The product proposes a great solution to improve the indoor air quality within no time and is great for commercial and residential places. To sum it up, the REME HALO® air purifiers eliminate 99% of viruses and save people restore better health, prevent allergies and respiratory diseases that would otherwise risk their lives. The excellent device is installed inside the duct of the central air conditioning system, covering the entire home and making it feel safe and pollutant-free.

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