Marshfield Junior High releases students after HVAC system goes down

Nov. 15—Even a brand new building is bound to have some growing pains.

Students and teachers at Marshfield Junior High learned that Monday morning when one of the schools HVAC systems went off line after a short power outage at the school.

Students reported the electricity was off when they arrived for school, but came back on quickly.

Midway through the morning, staff learned the HVAC system that heats, cools and circulates air for the second and third floors was not working. Staff quickly pulled students from class, moving everyone to the first floor, where things were operating normally.

The school called in a tech to repair the HVAC system, but when the tech was unavailable until the afternoon, the Coos Bay School District made the decision to send student home early.

Students were fed lunch and then moved to buses or waiting parents. The school is keeping students whose parents were unable to pick them up or unable to be home early.