Local HVAC service companies offer tips for Spring maintenance

As the Spring season begins and warmer weather approaches, homeowners are advised to care for their homes and begin necessary maintenance on their HVAC systems.

According to Jim Sparks, president of Sparks Heat and Air, people should be sure to have their filters changed, check Freon levels, refill the Freon if it’s low and have their HVAC serviced once a year.

He said these are services his company provides, but people can change their filters at home, check their Freon and keep their unit clean if they’re mowing or doing any other yard work around the unit.

He explained the best time to have one’s HVAC system serviced is when it’s above 70 degrees outside.

According to Joe Johnson, senior journeyman technician at A/C Doctors, LLC, his company offers Spring tune ups.

“A spring tune up consists of us looking through the air conditioning system thoroughly,” Johnson said. “We check everything from as little as a loose wire nut connection or ants and spiders in the contactor to compressor and fan functions.”

He said technicians will professionally clean the condenser coil, remove debris from the inside, check wires for breaks or splits in the wire coating for potential shorts and check all the components from capacitors, contractors, relays, the thermostat, circuit boards and all motors and the compressor.

“We will check for blower cleanliness. We also check temperature differential, filter cleanliness (and change if needed), and refrigerant levels,” he said. “We will provide any recommendations that we see necessary to keep you comfortable all summer long.”

In addition, Johnson explained A/C Doctors perform safety inspections which include checking for gas leaks, carbon monoxide tests and any mold growth in the system or within the system’s ducts.

“Mold can cause a variety of health issues and cause our air to be ‘dirty’ or ‘unhealthy,”’ Johnson said. “We offer a variety of Indoor Air Quality products that are affordable to keep your family safe. Keeping your dryer vent clean is another safety issue.”

He advises homeowners to change filters frequently and to keep their return grilles clean.

“Keep leaves and bushes away from your condensing unit. Don’t put trash cans up against it or allow your dog to pee on it,” Johnson said. “The unit needs room to breathe. Before turning on your system the first time it doesn’t hurt to physically look at it to see if any limbs are not in the fan.”

Johnson said spring weather can also potentially cause issues such as hail damage to outdoor coils and equipment, or other issues from severe storms.

He explained a Spring and Summer Tune Up might be the best way to increase the unit’s efficiency up to 95 percent deepening on its age.

“These tune ups save you on costly repairs and can reduce the risk of your unit failing on the hottest days of summer and avoid you waiting days to get in the replacement part,” Johnson said. “You might not see it originally, but a Tune Up can save you money on your utility statements as well.”