Livermore selectpersons want more information on community building lease before considering furnace replacement

LIVERMORE — Selectpersons want more information before considering a request to replace the furnace at the Brettuns Community Building.

In March 2015 the town leased the building to the Livermore Community Center Association for $1. The selectpersons voted then to execute the Community Center lease as written.

“I got a call from Tim Cox (a member of the association),” Administrative Assistant Aaron Miller told the board Tuesday night. “He had Doug Barker do regular maintenance. He said that it’s time to update the furnace.”

The furnace is 40 years old, hard to find parts for and has been rebuilt a number of times, Miller said. There could be heating problems next year, and the oil tank and hot water tank are rusted, he noted.

“It’s a great resource for the community,” Miller said. “They supply us with water for the highway garage and the library. The well is on that property.”

The association raises money for utilities, insurance and has about $2,000 in its coffers, Miller said.

Selectperson Scott Richmond wasn’t sure how the lease was written up, who was responsible for maintenance.

Putting an office for Highway Foreman Roger Fernald in the building was suggested by Selectperson Brett Deyling.

The highway garage is behind the community building and lacks office space.

Three estimates to replace the furnace ranged from $5,000 to $11,000 but didn’t include the oil tank or hot water tank, Miller said.

Looking into money-saving alternatives to oil such as a heat pump or pellets were suggested by Deyling. Some of those systems can produce hot water too, save some money in the long run, he noted.

Building use has decreased because of COVID-19, Miller said.

Deyling said heating just the kitchen and bathroom when the building isn’t being used could save money.

The furnace issue could be coupled with the June primary, the November elections or at another town meeting, Miller said.

“We need to explore this a little bit more, figure out what’s best for the town,” Deyling said. “If we are going to spend money I would like it to be well spent.”

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