LG offers cutting-edge commercial air-conditioning solutions


AS lockdown restrictions are slowly being removed, establishments need to be properly equipped to handle the sudden influx of people. Businesses were able to handle a handful of customers before because of the small number of people allowed in the premises. Now, people are coming in back to work and visiting their favorite establishments in droves. Adequate preparations must be made, including social distancing guidelines and sufficient airflow systems.

LG’s Multi V5 is designed to be the all-in solution for indoor air-conditioning for buildings, schools, residential condominiums and more. The LG Multi V5 combines advanced technologies to provide maximum energy efficiency while minimizing operational costs. It has a state-of-the-art Dual Sensing Control which senses both humidity and temperature for economical and comfortable operation.

Powering the LG Multi V5 is the Ultimate Inverter Compressor. This new compressor improves energy efficiency and enhances compressor performance. It uses an enhanced bearing with PEEK (polyetheretherketone) material, a thermoplastic polymer that increases durability and reliability.

All this power comes in a neat, easy-to-install package. The LG Multi V5 offers flexible installation with a large-capacity outdoor unit. The required installation space has been reduced by 23 percent while the weight has been reduced by 15 percent.

The LG Multi V5 is also designed for durability. The enhanced fans’ biomimetics technology increases air flow rate up to 10 percent while reducing power consumption by up to 20 percent. It also has a four-sided heat exchanger that improves heat transfer up to 20 which eventually enhances capacity and performance.

Although they may be largely out of sight and mind, LG HVAC solutions are right there next to us every day, doing what they’ve always done — making our lives more comfortable whether we’re sleeping, eating, working, shopping, or just relaxing and having fun. For more details visit LG Electronics’ Air Solutions Facebook and YouTube page.