Letter: Air conditioning or error conditioning? | Letters

I hope Jay Burreson read the paper’s March 17 article on the current status of Lake Powell (“Lake Powell hits historic low”).

It has dropped to a 50-year low and is approaching dead-pool status. Mr. Burreson might also check out Lake Mead, Lake Shasta and, right here in Oregon, Lake Owyhee and the Upper Klamath. Or how about the March 4 headline “Heat hurts Oregon forests?” All the results of decadelong drought.

Can’t trust the United Nations? So what does the National Science Foundation say about global warming?

Consider this excerpt from a synoptic statement by NSF: “The world is currently undergoing unprecedented changes in global climates across all biomes, with effects on nearly every lifeform. … (C)onsequences (include)… the incidence and the severity of pathogen outbreaks.”

Recently, NSF-funded scientists from Rutgers University used marine foraminifera fossils to show that today’s annual global temperatures are the warmest in 10,000 years (see the journal Nature).

People are also reading…

Not seeing what is happening globally is like sticking your finger into just-boiled water and calling it cool!

Trick comment! This was frequently demonstrated in our Corvallis High School science classes. No student’s finger was ever damaged! How so? Boiling cools water and no burner is necessary at lowered pressure. Some scientist might bend perception but not reality, and never the science!

Vaporizing the UN does not change the phase of science. Not addressing the science while accusing others of misinformation is submerging oneself in misinformation. It is error conditioning, not air conditioning.