Latvian fibreglass manufacturer to double production with furnace…

Valmieras Glass announces that it will double its generation quantity by changing its No. 4.1 glass furnace in early 2022 for 10 million euros.

As a outcome of the renovation, the anticipated optimum generation capacity of the glass melting furnace No. 4.1 will arrive at an supplemental 7-10 tons of glass fibers with a higher quartz content for each day.

The aim of the task is to boost the generation ability of significant silica fiberglass goods to fulfill the rising demand from customers and present the industry with the expected amount of substantial silica fiberglass items.

The latest preliminary job implementation system phone calls for masonry function on the glass melting furnace to be carried out in Q1 2022, followed by the commence of creation of higher-silica fiberglass products at double capability.

The service lifetime of the glass melting furnace No. 4.1 soon after the renovation is to be elevated appreciably by the new furnace strategy.

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