Is switching from heat to air conditioning bad?

COLUMBUS, Ga. (WTVM) – Welcome to March in Georgia and Alabama – where we get to experience every season, every day.

Wearing the right clothes is one battle, but what should you set the thermostat on at home?

This time of year provides crazy temperature differences. In the evenings it feels like fall. Overnight it feels like winter time into the early morning. Mid-morning… Maybe a dose of spring, and in the afternoons it feels like summer, friends.

What does that mean for your air conditioner if you’re like me if you switch from heat to cool and do it quite often? Is it bad for your system?

If you don’t know – ask a pro. Is it bad to switch from heat at night to a/c in the day and then back again at night? Is that wearing my system out?

“Most systems now actually have a delay that when you change modes, it protects your compressor,” said Micah Riley, owner of Supercool Service Co. in Columbus. “So there’s no harm in switching back and forth to your comfort level.”

So feel free to flip the switch from heat to cool and back again, friends.

But there is an easier way — it is of course the year 2022.

“It’s not necessarily bad for your system however they do make smart thermostats and newer thermostats with auto changeover features. So essentially you can set your temperature rating. Whatever your comfortable with in heat and cool mode and it automatically switches those for you.”

A couple of tips for this time of year when it comes to one of your home’s biggest expenses – some routine maintenance wouldn’t hurt.

“It is definitely a good idea to have those coils cleaned. Indoor and outdoor also known as a condenser evaporator coil.

Clean drain lines for your system are important too – that helps get rid of condensation.

You’ll likely start mowing the grass soon – make sure you blow any yard debris away from the unit outside.

Stay cool… or warm, friends.

Micah Riley owns his own business here in Columbus and he says demand is off the charts.

He recommends doing what you love to young people – and says there’s a lot of work in the heating and cooling industry.

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