iPhone 14 comes with removable back glass, is easier to repair, suggests teardown

Apple mentioned many upgrades in its new iPhone 14 series but a new teardown video has revealed its biggest highlight which is that the phone opens from the front and the back. Repair website iFixit has shared a teardown video of the iPhone 14 revealing its redesigned internals that makes it easier to repair.

The video shows how the rear panel of iPhone 14 can be easily removed using a heating mat, a suction handle, and an opening pick making it one of the easily repairable iPhones. According to the website, Apple has reworked the iPhone’s internals to make it repair friendly- a big change from the past iPhones that were hard to open and fix.

Getting down to the internals of the phone, iFixit shows how the back glass of iPhone 14 is secured with just two screws and a single connector. The website mentions that Apple has this time used a less strong adhesive making it easier to open up than the previous iPhones. It appreciates that Apple has made the screen more accessible. “And as a bonus, removing the exact same screws as the back glass gets you access to the screen. Just two screws, and both screen and back glass are immediately accessible,” mentions the website.

The phone opens up to reveal a midframe sitting behind the screen with all the internal components fixed on it. iFixit calls iPhone 14 to be the “most substantial iPhone redesign since the X”. It gave iPhone 14 a repairability score of 7 out of 10 which is the highest since iPhone 7. It had also received the same score.

Apple earlier this year launched its self-repair service that provides iPhone and Mac users with access to Apple parts, tools, and repair manuals. to perform one’s own out-of-warranty repair. The program for now covers iPhone 12 and 13 and the M1 MacBooks with no news on when it plans to include the iPhone 14.