In a fix over a car’s repair bills

Jim Luken is a retired instructor and freelance journalist. He life in Peace Dale.

Spoiler inform: I am an old snoop … but I test not to be a nag. Four years back, I moved from my longtime dwelling in Ohio to croak by the ocean. I often refer to the ocean around Position Judith as “my beloved”. I shell out a lot of time with her, even in the months off. I am far more than satisfied with my selection to go.

As a senior with a lower fastened revenue (77 a long time old) I operate a little but wonderful apartment in Peace Dale. My hire is included by HUD, so it is really what I paid again in my hometown. Like most aged individuals, I’ve gotten way too lots of clinical expenses recently, but Medicare has compensated the lion’s share of it. As is very well identified, revenue can be “the root of all evil”. From time to time I am lucky sufficient to be on the inadequate aspect.

Other than for motor vehicle care. I introduced my beloved Corolla from 2002 when I moved to Rhode Island. Quickly I was burdened with significant charges that ended up not incurred in Ohio, as that state (along with 50 % of the other 50) doesn’t involve inspections. Rhode Island state inspections, together with needed repairs, are normally a massive financial blow to us low-income individuals, older or youthful.

I proudly admit to staying an ardent liberal, so I know the value our world pays for greenhouse fuel emissions, especially people brought on by the burning of fossil fuels in our ageing fuel hogs. I was almost delighted when my initial inspection in Rhode Island required that I set in a new $ 1000 catalyst to help “save our planet”.

Final week, I had a starter ($ 350) put in on my Corolla at a extremely highly regarded retail store nearby. The mechanic also did a “pre-inspection” and then gave me a thorough listing (components and labor) of the volume of get the job done my car or truck will need for the October inspection. The prepared bill? Around $ 1,400! None of these repairs have anything to do with shielding our area air good quality. Sadly, I could be preparing to let my old clunker free in Davy Jones, besides that my “lover” would by no means forgive me.

There is a better “moral” to the correction that I have in relation to my car. It has to do with how the world is effective in opposition to the poorer individuals among the us. Our cars are a major situation. We tend to generate a great deal older kinds. The older a car gets, the extra repairs it wants to be. Wealthier men and women you should not like big mend bills either, but they pay for it for the reason that they can. Or they invest in / lease a new automobile.

“Regressive” is a phrase that is frequently employed in relation to taxation. It merely implies that taxes are “flat” or “set”. Anyone, prosperous and very poor, pay out around the identical amount of money. Is that truthful Uncertain.

Very a great deal all the things we get is also “regressive” considering that every little thing we acquire costs all the very same. When the cost of a commodity this sort of as gasoline or heating oil rises, the weak are most difficult hit. You are typically forced to go with out 1 or additional essentials in get to continue to keep the residence heat through the winter season.

It is properly identified that Scandinavian international locations have launched a “progressive” form of taxation. There, the rich and middle class confront a a great deal greater tax charge than the bad. This provides a sturdy “social protection net” that shields these who have considerably less. Finland has all but eradicated homelessness.

The Scandinavians also impose earnings-similar targeted traffic fines. Rich persons can be fined thousands of instances for dashing. Right here, targeted traffic fines are a slap on the wrist for wealthier motorists.

Last but not least, a humble suggestion for our automotive department: Remember to help us hold our jalopies. Check out exhaust emissions only. I hope this does not seem like whining.