Important to check your furnace as colder weather approaches

QUINCY (WGEM) — As the temperatures continue to drop, some of you may be firing up the furnace, but, is it safe to operate?

Technicians at Peter’s Heating and Air recommend scheduling a professional to come inspect your furnace before winter kicks in.

They stress that early maintenance can prevent very costly repairs.

With supply chain issues continuing to plague most of the country, they say the sooner you call, the better.

“If you called now, I mean unless it’s an emergency, it might be a week or two. Emergencies would be the same day, but typically, there is going to be a shortage of workers, parts, and things like that and so, if you can do it before it gets real cold the better off you are,” said Lance Peters the co-owner of Peter’s Heating and Air.

Technicians say simple things like replacing the filter can be done by the owner, but they recommend a professional for replacing parts or other forms of maintenance.