HVAC upkeep in Arizona saves money, keeps families prepared in the long run

Does your air conditioner make weird noises or a burning smell when it starts? If so, you may be due for an AC unit replacement.

During this off season, one Valley business is running a competition to find the oldest HVAC unit to repair for free.

Day and Night Air Conditioning, Heating and Plumbing, located in Phoenix, is sending their technicians and HVAC experts to anyone who thinks they may be the owner to the oldest unit in the city.

Some issues to look for might include abnormal noises and burning smells, rising monthly energy costs, unstable cooling throughout the property and difficulty reaching the target temperature on hot days.

Executing preventative maintenance for an HVAC unit may be one of the smartest things a property owner could do to stay prepared for each season throughout the year, especially the hottest and coldest months.

HVAC preventative maintenance is the regular inspection of air conditioning equipment in order to reduce the likelihood of it failing, comparable to a regular oil change to extend the functionality of the vehicle.

In many places across the United States — Arizona being no exception — planning ahead will get you further than waiting for a system failure at the most inconvenient and terrible time.

Day and Night Air Conditioning, Heating and Plumbing can carry out whole-home and ductless air conditioning installation, smart thermostat installation and single and multi-room air conditioning installation.

Entries into the contest will receive a free replacement consultation as well as follow ups for possible business on routine inspections. To enter, submit an online application.